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Thank you for removing micro-transactions

I am really happy that your pay to win micro-transaction system was removed from the game. I personally never would purchase any game for $60 where people could easily shell out more money to put me at a disadvantage. While I have no problems with micro-transaction in video games as they make perfect sense from a business standpoint and people are willing to purchase them. I just feel that they should be left for character/weapon skins, really just purely cosmetic changes for games. Any system that allows you to buy improved weapons or upgrades just creates an extremely unfair environment split between those who can afford to pay to win and those who cannot. Had this problem not been solved I would have never bought this game and I really do hope that the game refrains from this pay to win ***** in the future (even though the developers are very adamant that it isn't pay to win), as I know they are still looking into using micro transactions later on.


  • Agreed.... just make micro transactions for cosmetics like overwatch does.... honestly i've spent a lot of money just for skins in overwatch.... if battlefront II is to bring a lot of amazing skins i would consider buying it.
  • reb1138
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    edited November 2017
    A perspective from an older player... I'm in my late 20s now and do not have the time to play 8+ hours a day like I did when I was 16, so for me having the opportunity to buy crates to at least get something new without grinding the game is something I was fine with.

    I can understand the frustration and how the system can be exploited, but you have to view it from the perspective of older players too who maybe don't have the time and the energy that they once had B)
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