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Galactic Assault lives should not depend on how well the attackers do

This gives an amazing advantage to the defending team since almost every single map has the same idea. Escort, attack, capture. Not only is the defending team almost guaranteed to have troops at the objective at all times. Not to mention how quickly 100 lives is spent by **** just rushing in hoping for kills.Either guarantee 100 lives every time or increase the amount the attackers have total. Or even both so we can actually win without a flawless run.


  • That would be dramatically overpowered in the favor of the attackers. I could see a larger starting pool that doesn't regenerate at all throughout the game, but fully resetting the Attackers' reinforcement pool each time they completed an objective phase would make it virtually impossible for the Defenders to win.
  • 100 lives can go away very quickly. The defenders have a much easier job since all they have to do is kill. If the defenders are good in any way, they'll bring it to overtime or straight up win a vast majority of the time. Rarely ever is Phase 3 seen, and that needs to be fixed. Especially in zone captures with funnels and choke-points for the attackers.
  • bfloo
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    If the majority of the attacking team just sits back and camps, it wont matter how many tickets the attacking team gets.
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  • just do what battlefield 1 does.
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