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Team Play

I want to be able to opt to stay in the same squad throughout the whole game so that my friends and I can work together and get bonus points for doing so.

In other words DICE, If I have Green Friends they should also be Yellow friends whether we spawn together or not. But I think it should be a decision you can make. I don't want to take squad deployments away from those who want it.

There should also be an easier way to find squad mates in starfighter assault.

BTW if I can't play with my friends in Arcade or Campaign you should at least let me play with my friends in an easier way on multiplayer. Star Wars is a community of hard corp nerds that thrive off of fighting side by side with somebody they know. Give us something (someone) to fight for!


  • Agreed! And you should be able to talk to your yellow squad mates via mic. The specialist can see through walls and should be able to relay info to their team. As a heavy, you should be able to tell your squad that you're about to fire off your chain gun so please don't block your fire (that should be common sense but it happens a LOT). You can't talk to anyone though. You can't even do point emotes in this game. So actual team play is virtually nil.
  • Blindchance
    45 posts Member
    edited November 2017
    Sorry bud, this is just an ego shooter in the world of Star Wars. DICE so far shown no intention to make this game anything but that.

    I would love this franchise to be more like Battlefield, but I don't think this is happening. We are stuck with one decent game mode, semi-terrible rush style maps and unbalanced gameplay. Teamplay? Communications? Gameplay which allows for these? Don't bother.
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