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Galactic assault is boring chaos

Dispite the maps being large in size the fact that you have a progression system in place means you are only ever fighting on small parts of it. I can see why Dice has done this - it's because there is no where near enough players to fill out these maps. Most of the time is spent running to where the nearest small battle is. What's the point of these large maps?

Why hasn't Dice implimented the same system as was in the Pandemic games, that is, controlling an entire map by capturing command posts? That was the original game. It gave a larger sense of scale and there were tactics involved in controlling the map. Galactic assault may as well be three games of Blast in each small section of a map.

Also, choke points... I mean come on! This is the kind of map design plagued the last game. It so damn basic it's not fun anymore.


  • Its like Blast with 40 people...
  • LafenChuck wrote: »
    Its like Blast with 40 people...

    Dude, every assault map is exactly like blast, this is why battlefield 1 was so amazing on conquest, allowing everyone the chance to play a tank, then there's battlefront, dice/ea failed so hard at this franchise
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