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Great game, but fix these things ASAP

1. Games should last at least 3 phases if not just all phases. It is a nightmare 'winning' after phase 1, this is boring. A game should go a different directions depending on how well is each team does in a phase, but never finish after just one or two phases.

2. Palpatine and Yoda should be the two most powerful characters on the game and need a slight buff. They simply are the most powerful in the star wars universe without question and this should be reflected in the game.

3. Bring back survival on arcade and allow arcade to have online co-op. This was challenging on SWBF1 and arcade feels too easy and repetitive now.

4. ATAT - can we just have orbital strikes that work please? This never worked on SWBF1 and now is a problem again. Also, the heavy canon should just kill infantry after one shot.

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