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Shooting is hitting barriers and thoughts on the game [SPOILERS]

Ok, first off if I am zooming in on a target and close to a barrier/cover, it shoots that rather than the enemy I can clearly see while zoomed in! Also does this with grenades/beacons/anything that fires. Anyone else have this problem?

Secondly, why cant we cover shoot? Take cover, lean out or over, pop up, etc to shoot? Did I miss that somehow?

Yes it is a multi-player centric game but the single player is still way too short and I hope they add MULTIPLE dlc for single player! I took me longer than the gaming gods times of 4 hours or shorter even on easy mode but I am no gaming god and I play to have fun not get high scores, etc.

As for the story, it seems all over the place. This person to that person to this planet to that planet with vehicles thrown in for short blips, other than the spaceships. I hate the fact
you start as an empire trained killer and end up in the rebellion super fast. Did the LIFELONG training not take effect? You would think stormtroopers would be defecting but the millions if it is that easy for a special forces person to swap sides.

Flying sucks. Yep, people will disagree and i will bow down to you as a god of all gaming but I am going to have to adjust the controls if I can as it is frustrating following a target and BAM side of a ship...grrrr. Had this problem in the beta too.

I played arcade while waiting for the game to install and once i got the points for Kylo Ren, that is all she wrote. I took down a ton of people over a few games while it installed. Can't remember exact number but might be like 130 or something crazy. He seems too overpowered but fun :)

If you have not bought this game yet, i suggest to wait, unless you want the multi-player only (although that has problems with micro-transactions, unbalanced, etc from what I read). If it hits the sales on black friday for under $40, would be a nice addition for a Star Wars fan but I feel ripped off paying even $47.99+tax (best buy gamers club). Almost like a call of duty/medal of honor game where everything is put into multiplayer and the single player is there to try and satisfy people like me.

I hope they expand on the single player with a whole new game sometime soon! I would pay the $48 for a single player campaign with nice length to it. Skip the multiplayer and do a Mass Effect style game with tons of missions!!!!!! I can dream, I can dream.
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