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Heros that are too weak

Hey guys wanted to hear your thoughts on what heroes you feel are too weak.

I feel the only hero that is completely outmatched is Palpatine. He can't block and his little tickle ray does no damage and over heats very quickly. I find myself completely screwed in HvsV and getting beat on by lightsabers or toasted by blaster fire. I like his new abilities, but they don't add enough to make him viable. He either needs a huge buff to his basic damage or they need to add some block ability. Honestly if the game makes it so I can use one or two hand lightning then both hands should feel like I'm wrecking people. Right now one hand feels completely useless and two hands feels almost useless.

The other heroes may need some tweaking, but right now I feel like I can do pretty well with all the other heroes. Let me know your guy's thoughts.


  • bfloo
    16598 posts Member
    If you want to do good as Palpatine, team up with Vader. The lightning stuns while Vader slashes through with no resistance.
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