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50 Kills in Team Battle Arcade Challenge

Has anyone beaten this challenge yet? Even in the 75 troops team battle games, the most I can get is 40. Anyone have any tips on how to beat this challenge?


  • no...not going to bother to be honest
  • Custom arcade bro. Just select number of enemies, beat them and you will get it
  • I defeated all tier arcade battle. I have the beard ! Go me !
  • MWB33
    1394 posts Member
    Custom arcade...allowed me to clear all the arcade challenges within a week of launch.
  • I did a custom battle and kicked the number of troops on each side up to 150. Made it so much easier. Plus, if you do it on Tier 1 difficulty, you can easily work your way up to a hero and then slaughter them all.
  • Just increase the trooper limits, feel free to reduce your team mate count and if you really want make heroes available right away and start as one. Should be easy to get 50 kills between you and your two team mates if you are the only hero running around.
  • Yeah....

    The custom arcade makes most of those challenges laughable. But it was really fun stomping hundreds of troopers with Han and Lando, one-shotting them in the faces en-masse... lol
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