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November Community Calendar

What do you miss from EA's Battlefront 1 (2015) ?

While I understand Battlefront 1 had its problems, I feel it got some things right. For me I miss the awards having the Orgin profile pictures over these new hologram silhouettes. The silhouettes don't really separate players from other players besides the name at the bottom. I also miss the old Hoth maps. those maps felts much more bigger and seemed more iconic to the movies, plus I liked the trench combat. Another thing I want added to this Battlefront is the old hero vs villian mode with normal soldiers. I don't want it to replace the current mode, but to be in the rotation of modes. Battlefront 2 also seems to have smaller areas of combat compared to Battlefront 1. A map that seems real bad is "Starkiller Base" on the first stage. The first order can spawn a speeder (yeah its garbage) but you cant drive it anywhere because the combat area is so small.

Those are just a few things I miss from Battlefront 2015, let me know what you miss. (i can tell you i dont miss jetpacks as starcards :) )


  • Footprints...... :D

    Although initially I thought the visuals in BFII where better,I am starting to see that in some ways 2015 was better.........ground textures being one example.
    I'm also wanting to see some new faces on the battlefield & my Death troopers gun was better in BF 2015.
  • Nothing
  • Levo
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    Season Pass
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  • Earning 10% of your points as credits at the end. Seriously guys, you changed the hero unlock costs and removed purchase by flipping a switch. Until you guys figure out what to do with the progression system can you please at least increase the credit gain in the meantime so the game, however fun it is, doesn't feel like a slap in the face when it comes to rewards?...
  • bigger maps

    but aside from that nothing....certainly don't miss those pulse cannon jump packers or the bacta bomb
  • moondynemc wrote: »
    Gun mechanics
    The radar
    Hero mechanics
    Game modes

    ****. Pretty much everything.

    You can't be serious. The gun mechanics were terrible because all the guns felt the same, seriously a pistol would fire like a rifle. Hero mechanics were just as bad. There were too many gamemode so the community was split.
  • Levo wrote: »
    Season Pass

    Do you like ***** ***** as well, they were about the same experience for me.
  • 1. Big, bright blaster bolts... Not liking the current piddly thin, super high velocity bb tracer rounds that take an age to kill. It's hard to tell when you hit a target.
    2. The simple UI. BF2 feels bloated with way too much faffing about.
    3. The HUD layout. BF2 is a convoluted intrusive mess at the moment.
    4. The ability to quickly jump straight back into battle.
    5. Being able to switch up weaponry/traits/star cards without the need for classes.
    6. The immersion factor. Felt genuinely authentic Star Wars.
    7. Being able to see the full character in 3rd person rather then the current over the shoulder perspective.

    There is probably a whole heap more...I am still undecided on how I feel about BF2. With the first, I was hooked from day one. There's a lot about this one that just doesn't feel..."Star wars right". I guess it's early days and teething problems are normal, which will hopefully be ironed out.
  • Matchmaking, ttk, drop zone, maps, heroes (minus greedo?)
  • Only thing I miss is the more casual game play controls and mechanics it was much smoother to run around and shoot. BF2 feels way to sluggish and clanky with this and takes way too many hits to kill someone. BF is the opposite but I wish they had a middle ground with a mix of BF and BF2 to get that nice balance.

    I actually do miss the AT-AT gameplay though lol. In BF they were awful but for BF2 it's the same thing just so much worse. Seems like they don't really know how to make it right.

    I also miss the weapons. There was a lot more and a good verity
  • Even though Battlefront II 2017 can be pretty immersive, I felt like Battlefront 2015, especially in the alpha, beta, and around the launch days, was the most immersive Star Wars experience I've ever had. Truly felt like you were in the Star Wars universe. It was incredible. Battlefront II 2017 just didn't meet that, but the gameplay (sorta) makes up for it.
  • I wasn't a fan of 2015 personally, but I miss the scenes you would get if you went idle on the main screen with C3PO and R2D2. It was a nice little touch.
  • Not a god **** thing.

    BF1 (2015) is the only game I have ever returned in over 20 years of PC gaming, and I have bought some seriously crappy games in my day.
  • I miss being able to choose Race/Gender of my troops being locked into one Race/Gender is a huge downgrade also more Credits per battle would be nice and more maps ^.^
  • The rank system, How you can just unlock everything with credits and just upgrade once.
  • Dash
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    I miss Drop Zone, Cargo, And Droid run game modes.

    I miss the customization of our troopers as to how we appeared when we spawned for either force of the team we’re on. (Love looking a certain way for each load out).

    I miss the credits per match, and experience earned per match as well.
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  • Quality and no lag issues.
  • Cad_Bane
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    edited November 2017
    Credit rewardsystem

    • I miss the general aesthetics of swbf1. The new aesthetics, though beautiful, don't feel as much "Star Wars" and less immersive.
    • Immersion
    • Gunplay: in swbf1 I had much better sense of shooting and hitting a target, in this game I'm just shooting and hoping it does anything at all. Aiming seems impossible.
    • Big maps/fighting areas
    • Lengthy rounds
    • Teamplay
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  • Customisation
    Moar credits
    Ponds main

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  • The cover art was better for BF 2015 :D

    Being not particularly great at the game I miss the tokens randomly popping up like AT-ST ... you were able to get some kills then even if you were useless. Now you only get to use them if you're already good and raking up the points, leading to even more kills for the decent player.

    I think its a better system in the new game ... who wants spinning tokens on the battlefield, it looks rubbish. But personally I'm finding it a bit tougher.
  • Maps and guns
  • - Better and wider map layouts
    - Intensity of game modes such as Extraction
    - Immersive gameplay
    - Clarity in seeing enemies from afar and in close-up fights
    - Less clutter and simpler interface
    - Dengar and Nien Nunb
  • bfloo
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    Cargo, Supremacy & the laugh emote.
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  • Sydney
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    edited November 2017
    - Sabotage & drop zone
    - Spawning back in quickly
    - Spawning on teammate or squad
    - OHK lightsaber hits (bf2 saber hits are so laggy)
  • Icegrim79
    14 posts Member
    edited November 2017
    1. Instant Respawn because this whole play as squadron to gain more battlepoints is pointless.
    2. Assault and Starfighter Assault in offline mode. There are people out there who don´t pay to play every month.
    3. Target lock in Starfighter Assault for primary weapon. Lasercannons still overheat but you hit less the way it is now.
    4. Being able to pick maps in multiplayer. It feels like i played one map more than others.
  • WarfareKiller41
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    edited November 2017
    Extraction, Sabotage, Battle Station, and Infiltration.
    Your journey nears its end.
  • Skirmish.

    Cargo, Supremacy and Droid Run.
    Bespin, Big Team Drop Zone and Sabotage.

    Survival and Skirmish coop online or offline.
    Hero Battles (call me crazy, I liked the coin drop in Hero Battles).

    More simplicity, less microtransactions.

  • The thickness and color of the blaster bolts
  • The in game chat won't be refreshed and disabled after a match.
    Not more. Battlefront 2 is an improvement and needs further improvements, but nothing from Battlefront (2015).
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  • I also would like to say Supremacy, but Battlefront 2 needs open modes not more linear stuff.
    For General Ahsoka Tano!

  • moondynemc wrote: »
    Gun mechanics
    The radar
    Hero mechanics
    Game modes

    ****. Pretty much everything.

    For me The Blasters were much better in BF 2015.The visuals(light emitted) and sounds. They were laser blasters. The blasters in BF2 feel like any other current day weapon; Not futuristic a laser blaster.
    The rate of fire is horrendous in BF2. example: Bossk's Relby is extremely slow now.
    The radar and shot indicator.
    The speed of the game is terrible. It takes forever to get back into the action.
    Game Modes. Walker Assault was more fun than Galactic Assault. The maps and locations are to scattered and broken up. For example. If I wanted to play on Bespin, or the Outer Rim I could choose that specific location. With this game it's as if they threw spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks.
    Graphics During game play were better in 2015. They were more full, vibrant and the edges were edges not this granulated mess they have in BF2.
  • Offline gamemodes.
  • I miss getting more credits
  • I miss that: when someone spawned as Leia or Palpetine two random players could join in for free as rockettroopers, protecting that hero. Very random fun.

    Also I miss weapon Pickups. It was fun to get some random stuff all the time. varied playstyle and so on
  • RIFRIG wrote: »
    Footprints...... :D

    Although initially I thought the visuals in BFII where better,I am starting to see that in some ways 2015 was better.........ground textures being one example.
    I'm also wanting to see some new faces on the battlefield & my Death troopers gun was better in BF 2015.

    YES! One of the first things I did on Hoth in BFII was look down for my footprints, or lack thereof. That's one of those little things that really impressed me in BF 2015 :(
  • Emotes. There needs to be a celebration emote like the "alriiight!" and Vader's "Noooooo!" in BF 2015. Most people think it's stupid but it can really be hilarious in the right situation. Emotes that reveal frustration, anger, taunting/trash talk after a kill. It can be really funny when used correctly.

    All emotes should be available for all characters, not just a specific class.

    I also agree that the blaster bolts where much more authentic to the movies in BF 2015, and I enjoyed the slowness of the kill one slow bolt at a time. Now it seems the kills are still slow but you have to pump endless rounds into someone to get them to go down. There was a simplicity and authenticity to 2015 that this one lacks, but overall I do think BF 2017 is better, just needs a few more adjustments.
  • Ppong_Man12
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    Everything, it’s just a superior game imo, better thought out, better maps, better gameplay and it looked better.
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  • The sweet sound of my cycler rifle. Footprints, and the old scopes. mainly the boom from my cycler though.
  • Stats and customisation
  • The credit system, Cargo, and the shiny/visible blaster bolts.
  • The Relby ): and the Bespin Airspace map
  • What i miss ?

    - Stronger Heroes

    - normal Trooper dies faster

    -stronger and faster melee attacks

    -Walker Mode and this "All out War" Feeling with Vehicles and Fighters that have a real impact to the Ground

    - stable Servers with no Lag
  • Yes, i will necro this. I MISS BF 2015!

    Death star and bespin dlc... And like the person above, the inactivity screen was so much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    I remember being in endor and hoth the first tme, just walkig around being amazed by the beauty. Starfighter was fun too.

    I hardly play BF2 and, unfortunately no BF 2015 either, no one in there. Felt like proper star wars!

  • - some of the customization options (e.g. more Imperial skins, no gender or species locks, etc)
    - some weapons (e.g T-21/T-21B/Bo-Rifle/Bryar pistol etc)
    - some maps (Sullust & Scarif & Jakku, Bespin Carbon freezing chamber, Death star trench run)
  • So old, yet still so in touch with the game. Most of these features are still needed in this game. Can't believe that despite bringing back Jabba's Palace and Administrator's Palace, and a few luke, han, and leia skins, DICE pretty much ignored many interesting features and material from the other game that could make this hame much better.

    Especially simple ones like being able to check a lobby before loading, Private matches, more trooper weapons, rotating modes, being able to queue to different modes that share the same number of players, map choosing, and more.
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  • Death star map with R2D2 Extraction. It was epic.
  • I wish the bacta bomb, EE-3, and EE-4 were in this game. Those were just so balanced and fair
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