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Customization Loot Crates

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Hello Dice/EA,
not sure if you guys check these at all but i along with many others were wondering about the new loot crate system and whether or not it will be cosmetic only,

i'm sure someone high up thought that cosmetic items would either not sell or their would not be enough items to warrant spending, however i will detail below what you could do if you are able to spend the resources on them.

Currently included heroes:

Boba Fett:
- cant think of any for him yet

Han Solo:
- hoth outfit
- force awakens outfit
- classic outfit
- bespin outfit

Princess Leia:
- endor outfit
- hoth outfit
- princess robes
- general leia outfit

Luke Skywalker:
- tatooine outfit
- cloud city outfit
- pilot gear
- jedi master luke

- cant think of any for him

- force awakens

Darth Vader:
- rouge one

Emperor Palpatine:
-cant think of any

Iden Versio
-cant think of any

Kylo Ren
- you already have both

Lando Calrissian:
- cloud city
- han's clothes

Darth Maul
- robotic legs (rebels style)
- fully robed like in Ep1

- you already have both

- cant think of any more

for heroes you may include

obi wan:
- ep 1
- ep 2
- ep 3 (default)
- rebels era
- clone wars armor

anakin (light side)
- ep 2
- ep 3 (default)
- clone wars armor
- fully robed

as i 3d artist i know that this is a huge amount of work, but if you are looking for a way to fill out the loot boxes with cosmetics then i think this is the best bet, also note this still includes emotes, poses and voice lines

any one else have any ideas? leave them below
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