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Endor is a horrible map and should be altered or removed from Strike.

This is probably the worst, unbalanced map I've ever seen in modern gaming and whoever gave the ok for this map to be put into the game should be fired. It's bad enough that that every map in Strike caters to the defensive side, giving them way more advantage than they should, but this map takes the damn cake. The defensive side doesn't have to fight over map control, they get map control the moment the game starts! This isn't even the worst part. The worst part is some genius thought it would be ok to add only 1 enter/exit point! This leads to camping and spawn trapping issues. I know because I've been on both ends of it. Its **** cancer! Its nearly impossible for the rebels/resistance to win, unless youre just playing a **** team! This needs to be fixed.


  • every map have this issue... u can atack or defend in a certain spot so all players go in a closed space and wars 2015 had fewer maps but the gameplay overall was way better. Also droids are not that easy detectable and radar doesnt work all the time, sometimes opponents are near u and u cant see them on radar
  • I agree. Lots of maps have way too much bottlenecks, especially this one. It's the worst map I've played in the game so far (in Strike)
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