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Update sucks

Game keeps crashing. All star cards disappeared. No points awarded after match.


  • same here....
  • Same here. Ridiculous.
  • i updated seen my troops all reset so rebooted xb1 , everything seemed fine then thru-out match i got booted - the infamous 327 - i restarted game only to see my troopers reset n all bk to zero... incompetent for a 3 star game
  • Underheimer
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    edited November 2017
    Same happens to me,

    after today's patch I get no cards what so ever, everything shows as lvl 0....and I get disconnected after being like 3-5 mins into a multiplayer game.

    EA's first patch after relase is a great start...awesome! Anyone here working at Disney able to give them a call? Please?

    I Play on PC...and the code after being kicked out of the game is 327
  • In my collection and career it shows I have unlocked all that I did.. but when in game I'm restricted to the basics. I'm glad it's not only me I just hope nobody loses their progress.
    "Uuuuuuuur Ahhhhhrrr Uhrrrr Ahhhhrrrrrr Aaaaargh..."

    - Chewbacca
  • wow, I will be **** the **** off if I put all these hours (at least 20 to 30 since the trial) all to have all my cards reset to zero. like seriously **** the **** off just cause they can't figure out their ****
  • There was an update today? And they didn't need vanguard and cr2? Wtf
  • DrVictorDoom
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    edited November 2017
    Game keeps crashing for me on PS4.
    Can’t finish a single match
    Error 327
  • installed on PS4, rebooted, restarted, blah blah and it goes right to Kasshyk with no star cards, cannot change weapons and craps out after a few minutes. ughhhh..guess we're all bug testers today. Luckily I got my 125 credits and 5 crafting parts from my daily crate, PHEW! Thanks EA.
  • Happening here to me as well. Main menu has all my star cards that i have unlocked an leveled up, but in game everything is zero'd out. Did a hard reboot on everything, tried to log into game' Same deal.

    (Fyi Devs.-ps4 east coast southern ontario)
  • Latest patch broke everything, we can only hope it doesn't take them weeks for another patch to fix it.
  • game be dead unless they fix asap.... hopefully... devs be getting 'torn a new one' and rightly so for being so incomplete
  • Terrible since updated on Xbox as well. Fix it asap please.
  • same on ps4, pls fix ea
  • give me back my money, this sucks,
    no cards, almost every time game crushes error 327,
    no exp after wining or losing
  • At least the arcade part still appears to work...although the ai is getting more 1 shot kills on me than everyone else has been enjoying.
  • Ok so i am back to update. I got into a server an all seemed good. not as laggy as before and game play seems smoother. All my cards were in game. But alas, when i left the server(not by choice, the server cleared out).......error 372 ea connectivity. So i have to shut down the game, power off the ps4 an relaunch it all. Just letting the devs know.
    More info u come back an give the faster the game gets better, For all!

    Ps4, Ontario, Canada.
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