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Is this suppose to be a shooter?

Ok so i count myself as reasonably good a fps love bf1 titanfall 2 my biggest issue with this game is the lack of a proper conquest mode galactic assault is horrific and guns that dont actually hit there target even though the reticle is clearly on them this is even worst in first person ( the way i.prefer to play)
These two things are ruining the game for me completely please if you do read the forums please fix thank you


  • Wzn
    11 posts Member
    Guns are actually not that bad I realized after giving up "spray and pray". Clean hits hurts alot more than just hammering.

    However - game mode is agreed. This is basicly a Rush encounter with corridors, or a CQB 40man based Division. The more I think of it the worse it gets.
  • Hard to get clean hits when hit boxes are terrible still cant believe game released with galactic assault as main mode
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