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Let's put EA on the Battlefront

So anyone who has gamed for any amount of time knows about EA's greed and lack of respect for the people that buy it's games. I am going to send an email to [email protected] (if someone has a better more direct addy please let me know) explaining why I will not be going to the cinema to watch The Last Jedi and the three kids aint getting any Star Wars anything this Christmas. Just decided.

My main reason is they, EA, are literally trying to fleece the fans instead of embracing them. There are some who have invested in every generation of Star Wars on every media outlet and are still willing to pay for more.

We are rewarded with triple A prices, the most aggressive microtransaction system I have seen, a faulty product and the subsequent patches. Disney are just as much to blame as EA for this debacle as they should never have given EA the contract for this precious IP.

I may consider purchasing a streamable copy of the movie at a later date if there is some action and now. I think a suitable and well received "Sorry, we got it wrong from EA AND Disney" could be the next DLC given free to all who have suffered from pre-order early access until the game is; firstly usable, and the microtransactions changed from the "more money you have, the more you win, oh yeah... maybe.... depending on if you get lucky, but keep buying and you will get it all eventually... maybe... cos it's a "random" loot crate. Good luck buddy and thanks for the cash!" to something much fairer that rewards time spent playing and skill over how quickly you can enter you credit card details into a form.

Or refund my £60 and let me keep the game. Do something meaningful and quickly.

Everytime I try to play Galactic Assault I end up in Kashyyyk ? Then get booted before the end of the match. Reload game and it has forgotten all of my loadouts. That's your latest set of "bug fixes". WTF. Not happy and £60 out of pocket.

Do something.


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