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Bad experience

After the first game i was thinking that star wars games simply sucks because the brand help selling some millions of copies even if it's incomplete.
The promises about this second chapter drive me to buy it.
80€ for another incomplete product!
I made it short: error 327, error 672, error 721, lagging for someone, stuttering, problems with binding keys... absurd.
When i think the things can't do worst, a patch ruin the good part of it, cards unequipped, can use only first weapon, crystal shop doesen't work...
If you come to my restaurant and order a toast i bring all toghether not the bread first and after 10 minutes the ham and cheese! And maybe the wrong cheese!
Come on!
I think you have lost a good customer and i think i'm not the only one that turn his eyes on other titles.
Good bye!
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