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Jet Trooper keybind

Do most people use keyboard/mouse have abilities bind to number 1 to 4?

If so how do you do ability 3(jet dash) to right direction? Since both 3 and D are require to use index finger.


  • CryHavoc
    407 posts Member
    edited November 2017
    my jet dash is the same as the roll.
    I use the left alt, which is perfectly positioned for my thumb.

    love that jet dash!

    OH WAIT, you mean the other jet dash, ie ability three. Yeah, I hardly use that.
    With the what I call Jet dash, ie using the roll button, I find that using the standard jet jump, and then the jet/roll, its all I've needed.
  • I know the dodge roll is mini dash, but I am talking about the ability.

    I have seen some ps4/xbox control player doing expert maneuver with that ability. I just cant think of a way for keyboard/mouse to do it without binding extra key.
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