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Would appreciate hearing from an actual DICE/EA representative

So I am a few hours into the game, completed the campaign and I have waded into the multi-player and I just have several concerns that I would like some help understanding better.

1) Is there a way for me to actually TALK to my teammates? This is a team based game that is supposed to be built on community interaction and teamwork.... and by all accounts, i can not figure out how to enable the voice chat feature that I am CERTAIN you MUST have programmed into the game. I mean, that functionality has been standard for FPS games for 15 years+... SO assume its it my failing for not finding it.

2) while the point based system of Vehicles is...interesting, it does seem to have the problem of competely eliminating the team based function of those vehicles. No group transports, no APC's, have a Vehicle doesn't help your team advance the objective...having "air superiority" doesn't seem to count for much unless i am missing something.

3) Why is there no galactic conquest... i am openly weeping here guys. It must have been the single most important ask from your fans over the past several years and it really...really...really isn't that complicated. There isn't a meaningful conquest mode...just a whole bunch of encapsulated one off 5 minute battles.... nothing gained other than running blindly into enemies.

4) absolutley no incorporation of capital ships in this game. I mean COME ON guys. have them be moving artillery, have these hulking masses ACTUALLY AFFECT THE GOD DAMNED BATTLE NOT JUST BE SCENERY.

I...and alot of the fans..... are just so frustrated. you spent so much time focusing on coding these god damned lootboxes and microtransactions.... you gave, once again... a game that seems 60% done. It is beautiful, graphically. The sound and scores are wonderful. BUT THAT IS NOT ENOUGH. CONTENT.... FOR GOD's SAKE CONTENT People....

This isn't meant to be a chew out session from a whinny fan...but a heartfelt cry for help. PLEASE, at least have someone send something to the fans...some message, some tweet even that you HEAR us. I CAN'T be the only one sending these messages.

We know you heard the backlash over the microtransactions... if you think the bad press on that was bad...this was kind of your last chance to DO IT RIGHT. I just can't see myself buying another Starwars game matter how much i love the IP.... and you must know that the fans are fickle. We will forever hold EA AND DICE personally responsibly for killing such a beloved IP. I have already stopped buying all FIFA games, and all EA sports games (Of which i used to be an annual subscriber)..not that i don't like those games...but seeing what you have done out of greed to such amazing source material... its hard not to separate any of your other works from this....garbage. Please, give me a sign that you hear me and the millions of others.
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