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Arcade "weak AI" thoughts?

Weak. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

The AI knows exactly where the opposing team/player is and point at them even through walls and around corners, run sideways pointed at them, even inside buildings, etc. But, your "weak" AI also has 'aimbot' capability. It might miss sometimes, but rarely compared to all the hits it does even just as it clears an obstacle.

You really need to fix that a bit because the hit rate for AI is wayyyy too high in arcade. What's worse is you have a 3-star "tier" match where you have one ***** kill AI that will kill you in one shot and you have one life to live through. Really? So you can't even get hit one time, but the AI hits you 95% of the time as soon as they have visibility on you. How is that "weak" AI?

Some of the Arcade stuff is fun, but just silly when you claim it is "weak" AI when it most certainly is not.


  • Weak AI I figured was the HP not how well they fight. When weak AI is on they die very fast. My 6 year old nephew fights the weak AI and has no issues even though he has a hard time using the controller as it's too big for him.
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