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Focused Feedback

10 Complaints about SWBFII

1] Maps feel too small and linear – especially in comparison with EA Battlefront 1.

2] Game boundaries feel too restrictive and obvious.

3] Sometimes the player is forced to move on a countdown as the enemy team advances, but not enough time is given – the process feels forced and restrictive.

4] No conquest mode as in Battlefield 1. This is a missed opportunity to open the maps to more skilled players who are looking for open maps without the linear progression.

5] Not enough choice of weapons for each class. This is very disappointing to be honest.

6] Heroes, weapons, cards are locked behind a credit/progression wall. I paid around £50 for this game. I expect to be able to play as the main heroes from Star Wars and to use the weapons and cards from the outset.

7] The time to kill is way too high in my opinion. Making the game feel sluggish and wooden.

8] The gunplay is actually worse than the previous game imho. It feels wooden, sluggish, and glitchy. Hard to believe the game is made by DICE, especially when compared with the fluid gunplay of Battlefield 1.

9] Map rotation feels restrictive – seem to be playing the same maps over and over.

10] Grenade spam is terrible – this is a common problem with DICE games.


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