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Duplicates should give crafting parts instead of credits.

We already spent credits for the duplicate, why would we want credits back just to spend it on more duplicates, when the progression system is based on the crafting materials.


  • Exactly my thoughts on it. Either that or give us a damn upgrade instead.
  • Totally agree. I have now opened 5 straight loot boxes plus a class one - only to have nothing BUT dups. I find it stunning this is the case, considering just how many cards are in the game, and the ones I havent unlocked. And I can't unlock them myself, as I've only 25 crafting parts :/
  • Agree. Spare parts is a more feasible reward than mere credits.
  • upgrade or crafting parts would be better than credits
  • It was originally meant to be like this but they lied to us.
  • Didn't they promiss crafting parts at first?
    I am saving at the moments all my credits. Road to 100k.
    For General Ahsoka Tano!

  • Spend 4k on a loot box, get 200 back

    amazing logic
  • Didn't they promiss crafting parts at first?
    I am saving at the moments all my credits. Road to 100k.

    I'm pretty sure we were getting them for dupes in the beta after a patch.
  • Agreed. But honestly I don't think there should be repeats in the first place.
  • Oh god yes. I've had RNG loot runs that do things like, "Spend 4000 credits for Trooper pack. Get NO trooper related drops" and "4000 credits trooper pack, get trooper drops I already here's a 'refund"' of a few hundred credits.
  • Jem
    17 posts Member
    Totally agree with this.
  • The whole point of this game's leveling system was to be intentionally grindy and slow in order to tempt players to bust out their wallets and buy lootboxes to speed progression. With the microtransactions suspended the second part isn't possible so all that is left is a really frustrating grind. It's frankly insulting how much this game cribbed from the F2P market while still asking for a $60-80 price point.
  • Honestly I'd rather get 20 something crafting pieces than 200 credits.
  • I got 25 crafting parts for a duplicate rare a day or two back. It's not the best system, but they technically do give us crafting parts on a duplicate.
  • SamKellar wrote: »
    It was originally meant to be like this but they lied to us.

    I wonder if it was lie, or that the initial plan to give Crafting parts was overruled by the bean conters/gambling directors at EA...
  • You guys made about not getting crafting parts from duplicates instead of credits, just remember, it could always be worse.

  • My idea for duplicates:
    You get some progress in the update.

    Pulling duplicate cards like:
    grey - 1 point
    green - 2 points
    blue - 3 points

    Only duplicates give you points, if you get a card higher than yours, it updates and you don't loose the progression to the next step. Every point worth 40 Crafting party

    For Upgrade you need:
    Green (2 Points or 1 Point and 40 Crafting parts or 80 Crafting parts)
    Blue (7 Points or x Points + 40*[7-x] Crafting parts or 280 Crafting parts)
    Purple (12 Points or x Points + 40*[12-x] Crafting parts or 480 Crafting parts)

    If you are at a green card and your progress is 4/7 and you pull a blue card, your card updates to blue and you are 4/12.

    But the points are only for the card you have pulled.
    You can't spend it on other cards. If you're already purple...dunno...get 40 crafting parts per "point"?

    What do you guys think?
    "Resistance to the pit of misery! Dilly! Dilly!"
    - Kylo Ren via iPhone -
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