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Focused Feedback

Best star cards?

What do you think are the best star cards for each class - both from the standard ones for every class and the specific ability replacers for each one?

Asking so I can now what to focus on. The standard ones really don't seem that affecting.


  • My personal preferences:
    Heavy - Improved Shield, the epic basically gives you 300 hp on top of your base 200. When you activate you are sitting at 500 hp of damage absorption. This is probably the most P2W item right now at launch(deluxe edition) if there is one. Especially at the trooper level. Recommend upgrading to get the epic asap. Get real good at reacting to pixels, as soon as you see an enemy around a corner/close, pop this, you should win most 1 on 1 fights assuming your aim and reaction speed to activating the shield is on point, yes, you can even beat the shotgun Assault guys.

    Assault - Toughness, the ability to initiate your regen keeps you in play longer, it fills while you're even taking damage, and if you can stay alive more = more points and less time waiting on respawn and running to the action.

    Specialist - depends on your play style. I think the Marksman is important to racking up constant snipes. Every headshot resets your weapon to 0% cooled state and a extra (i think up to 40%) boost at slower overheat = means constant sniping. You don't have to level the card up all the way, because if you're headshotting, the extra % decrease in overheat is moot. So if you're strapped for crafting parts like most of us probably just upgrade to Uncommon or Rare, etc. but keep away from the steep 480 epic for now.

    Officer - Flashbang card. If there's crowd control in this FPS then this is the king card. Pair it with the Recharge (not the popular Improved Battle Command) Command and you can become a human artillery launching exploding your flashbang grenades mid-air (hit q again mid-air) and it falls all over the opposing team. Do this twice then run in and gun down your opponents that can see a darn thing. Great for clearing ALL choke points on any maps. All it takes is one successful group flash and you run in and start gunnin, the rest of your chicken teammates follow and you just helped pushed your team forward. This unique gameplay allows them to also blind heroes, officer is my favorite thanks to their utility.

  • Thank you! Very useful information.

    Other suggestions are also welcome!
  • I only play heavy and assault but here goes.

    Heavy improved combat shield for all maps except ones where you shoot a rocket at the mtt/atat as ion turret is more useful. Supercharged sentry for killing and good point dmg on mtt/atat. Bounty Hunter for all maps especially mtt/atat maps, other than that resourceful or your pick. Really good to run anti vehicles on the rocket shooting objectives as you can rack up 4-5k points a rocket at close range with supercharged sentry and turret on mtt/atat.

    Assault I like to run kill streak vanguard, toughen up for 10 health a second healing and either bounty Hunter for points or the one where you get health back on kills.
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