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Exiting game modes are taking tooooo long

So why is it, that every time a game ends (Arcade/Campaign/Multiplayer...doesn't matter which) you get locked at the screen. You can't press Esc. or contunue or anything to quickly leave or get back to the menu.
Also in acrade, you get your progression /achivement screen, and it's impossible to exit the screen or just to klick on an other achivement to view it.

I want my controll back over my actions and the game. :P


  • Andysmeatbuns
    33 posts Member
    edited November 2017
    *edited* you're referring to wanting to browse, nevermind!
  • *edited* you're referring to wanting to browse, nevermind!

    Nope. I want to have the opportunity to leave the game after the game ended. Or at least, If I want to stay, I want to see which map is comming and yes, maybe also brows and configure my loadout fr that comming map.
    Just like in the previouse Battlefront.
    Also in arcade, If a battle scenario ends, the game is locking you into the screen where you see your "achivements". Without the possibility to exit
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