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Uhh, is this normal for GA?

I was playing Jakku for the first time (STILL have not even had a chance to play clone wars era) and we were defending. As soon as the 30 sec countdown is over we start rushing the objectives yet as soon as we get there, I notice they already have 4-5 guys on EACH objective, and they're more than half way captured. I managed to kill a heavy but got insta-pwned by the rest of them. That's half their team on objectives before we can even get there. Is this a map design flaw? A glitch? I'm on PS4 and as far as I know there's no hacking on consoles (am I being naive?). What's going on here? It did not make for a fun match


  • The distance on Jakku is around the same distance for both teams. Combine Assault and Specialist classes ability to super speed their way to the objective and voila it's a cluster F of fun. Not sure why that would not be fun. I want battle in my battlefront not set up camp and roast marshmallows.
  • Well defenders felt like attackers. We eventually did win the match, somehow but idk, just wasn't that fun. Kind of a frantic stressful match. Not crazy fun like operations in battlefield 1, for example. To each their own
  • Attackers never win. So dont panic lol
  • Attackers do win, but it depends on the map.

    Here's my observations:

    * Haven't seen attackers/droids lose on Kashyyyk map.
    * Endor: If rebels/attackers get past the first section of the map, they are likely to win the entire round.
    * Yavin, only seen 1 Imperial/attacker victory out of about 10 games.

    There may be a few others, but its not always the same side winning, but the map that determines who is likely to win. However, I also see that most peeps don't know how to play the game (ie: how to attack the MTT/AT-ATs, and that a LOT of games end during Overtime, when the first (contested) point is finally taken over, Overtime ends because no one is on the other one... That is, everyone jumps on the one that "needs help" and forgets the other objective completely, leading to an early end, despite "winning" that first point. WTG guys...
  • By watching the maps you can fig how is gonna go.

    The Hill map if Emps cant take it Rebs wins if Emps can they pretty much win tho been in some games rebs won on last part.

    Clones Lab map pretty much Clones will win on 2nd phase if not on 1rst very rarely Clones will lose

    Temple map This one is tricky if Emp dont focus on the sides lasers but middle and a side they will win but if the go for the sides then middle Rebs will win.

    Death Star map pretty much Rebs rarely the Emps win

    Mos Esly map Rebs again BUT if Emps get past the first part pretty much they will win

    The junk place map rarely Emps win seems Emps will get stop on 3rd or 4rth phase

    Hoth Map toss up but most time Emps get shut down on 2nd phase

    wookie world map also toss up if Clones can win it by the Juggers rarely at the hangers.

    Starkiller map Rebs will win if not stop at first phase

    Naboo Map Droids mostly win tho been few games where Clones won it on 2nd or 3rd phase

    now if the def team can bloody the nose of the att team then this will change like on Hoth we got the AT AT's down to 24 so they got 30 more in 2nd phase so 54 ppl we had to mow down and win

    Another factor is Heros i seen some on the other team carry the whole team to a win cuz he was that dang good at them seen some get it at 1rst phase and go to last phase killing everything n his/her path.

    Then the last factor if your team is doing the ways of red coats line up just to get mowed down or do a Rambo run 1 vs 5.

    so this is what i pretty much figured out since pre release

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