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In Game Purchases

I actually just wanted to email my opinion on this to someone at EA , but had to go thru a whole support chat and the rep told me I should post it here because EA actually looks at these forums. So here it is ......

I thought I would give my opinion and offer a different perspective on this purchasing of crystals to upgrade your characters. Believe me when I say that this doesnt give people like me an advantage at all. I completely suck at this game and was excited that there was a different option to help upgrade and at least stay competitive and keep it fun for me. I have a lot of time into this game already but im already to the point where i'm becoming frustrated with it and feeling like i'm already over it. I purchased 2 copies of the game, one for me and one for my son . I personally did buy extra crystals ( $10 or $15 worth, i forget ) as I pre-ordered, and trust me, this has in no way given me any kind of advantage. I still need to play to level up and to unlock new weapons and their modifications as well as upgrade starcards. While my card levels are high ( assault 22) and I am presently at an overall rank of 17 i encounter alot of players that are way lower level than me that have unlocked weapons and their modifications already. I average about 3 kills per match while I see other people racking up 20 to 30 kills each time. I just opened up my first new weapon yesterday and I have been playing daily since Nov 14th. The only way I am accumulating any kind of points is because I play the objective, but getting your @**** handed to you everytime that you play is already getting old. So, these upgrades , for someone like me, and I cant be the only one, at least helps keep me a bit competitive, but trust me when I say that it gives me no kind of advantage what so ever. Getting upgrades and unlocking new weapons is no easier than it was in the original game. I love the game but im already becoming frustrated with it. My gamer tag is the same as my username here if you want to verify anything I posted in regards to my play.

So, just my 2 cents for the developers from someone who is already at the point of trading this game in.


  • ... I average about 3 kills per match while I see other people racking up 20 to 30 kills each time....

    Most of the guns are viable at downing enemy players so its not unlocking more weapons thats your issue and as you said the star cards aren't everything which is also true. Most of them just decrease cooldowns or increase durations and fairly few impact actual damage on your actual blaster (i can't even think one on your primary weapon).

    I don't mean to sound rude here but 3 kills a match is pretty bad when these can go for what seems like 30 minute matches. Have you played alot of FPS games before?
  • LOL... your not being rude at all , ya my kills is way bad. I just completed the 500 kills to unlock the EL-16HFE and ive had the game since the 14th and been playing daily. I had the same problem in Battlefront one. I only play 4 franchises, Battlefield, COD, Battlefront and Assasins Creed ... so i've played FPS before, I wouldnt call myself an expert player tho, obviously.
  • Andysmeatbuns
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    If you have trouble placing your crosshairs on your opponents like you overshoot them you may want to try messing with your mouse sensitivity. Assuming you're on PC that is. Mouse sensitivity is different for everyone.

    Take Fortnite Battle Royale for example, it defaults you to a setting that I will never hit my opponent however after I lowered it I can control the reticle in the middle of the screen (like BF2's) and now I have better control of my aiming.

    Strangely enough I think I haven't messed with BF2's settings, so everything is a bit different. Fortnite's was insane, it literally had me hating that game's gun accuracy until I changed it after watching some popular Twitch streamers give out their settings and gave their settings a shot. Changed my accuracy world on that game and now I average over a 25% game win ratio in solos with usually 5+ kills every game.
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