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Forest of Endor

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What the h e double hockey sticks.


  • 2 years old forum bug. It changed a bit. Your disappeared post might randomly appear in a month.
    For General Ahsoka Tano!

  • Beer_is_Needed
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    So let try

    I just spent 100.00 on the battlefront 2!!!! when people cheating in the game making almost unplayable at times
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  • "To help eliminate spam and fake accounts, you must have a linked EA account and own Star Wars Battlefront I or II to post on the relevant game boards.

    Have issues posting, but own the game? Log out completely and clear your browser cache, cookies, and temp files, then restart the browser."

    I ended up having to PM a forum administrator and they solved it for me pretty quickly. It can be annoying, I know.
  • T0TALfps
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    2 years old forum bug. It changed a bit. Your disappeared post might randomly appear in a month.

    It isn't a bug, if your post looks to be built by a spam bot (IE: Very long paragraphs, with videos and links every few breaks) it will be automatically hidden and put up for review by the forum team. If that happens, contact us and we will look into resolving it. Dont go posting it again, as that will likely not help and the system will think it is indeed correct in hiding it.

    In regards to the stuff you are trying to post Beer, please do not post links to cheating sites - the team are aware of these sites and often the hacks that they release - there is an entirely different team that looks into the hacks and cheaters and removes them from the game as and when possible (with sufficient evidence etc). There is nothing we can do regarding this here, and in posting such content the only thing you are doing is advertising the fact that these exist and possibly spark interest in others taking up such a frowned upon sport.

    Plus the videos you had posted were of footage of SWBFII beta and discussions about past titles


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