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Things I wish would be changed for this franchise

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When I heard DICE was going to make Battlefront I was excited, but after 2 games I don't think the game will head in the direction I would prefer. I like Battlefield and the old Battlefronts, but recognize that Battlefront was just a "copy" of Battlefield. For me being a "copy" of Battlefield wasn't a bad thing, since the Battlefield franchise tends to get some things "right". While "EA BF2" does have some (battlefield) improvements over "EA BF1", like the reintroduction of classes, the new Battlefronts get, (imo) the same things wrong.

Teamplay: This has to be the biggest flaw to the new Battlefronts. "EA BF2" has improved by having squad skills like "Sentry (and all its versions), Battle command, Blast Command, and Squad Shield" to promote more teamplay to the game, even adding more points if you stay near squad. On the downside though, compared to "BF2 (2005)" the teamplay is still lackluster. Between dropping health packs, repairing vehicles, giving ammo, or even just a plain buff all the "BF2 (2005)" classes seem to have a utility besides just shooting/shooting better. Another downside to teamplay is the lack of multi-seated vehicles and the fairly useless squad system. Right now the squad system only seems to be there to slow your respawn.

Maps: This could come down to Disney and their strangle hold on the Star Wars lore, but I miss maps that werent in the movies. Maps that felt unique for Battlefront. Maps like Rhen Var or places you would never see a fight like Dagobah/Polis Massa. Things that felt like it was "Pandemic"s unique take on Star Wars. While DICE is amazing at creating movie locations to video game form, I would like to see them try something "out of the box".

Linear: This game feels very restrictive. You can only go in certain areas and only at certain times. Its not like a choice of attacking A/B/C/D/ or E point, its just move forward. Objectives are on rails, ships are on rails, and map parameters seem to funnel you into certain areas. Just wish there was more choice to the game. Different ways to complete and objective.

Tone: The tone of this game feels serious in some places yet casual in others. Imo Star Wars for the most part should have both, unfortunately I think DICE has it in the wrong parts. While I'm glad DICE gave us somewhat real shooter and flight mechanics compared to "EA BF2", the game itself feels like it doesn't know what tone to take. Its casual enough to have Rey fight with clones, but too strict to have joke modes like "Wampas vs Rebels" or stuff like "speeder bike racing". I know "EA BF1" suffered from too many modes, but I think it suffered from too many "serious" modes. Game modes that you would see in COD. Even COD knows when to throw in joke modes like "zombies". I feel this game is still a casual shooter, but wants to be a competitive shooter when you look at the modes it offers. Even when you do well in a match, your rewarded as if you were playing a casual shooter "where everyone's a winner" and "no one is left behind". The "joke" mode of the old game "Heroes vs Villains" is now set to be more competitive in these games as well. I just wish DICE would loosen up and give us modes that people don't have to take so seriously, or custom lobbies so we could do it ourselves. Clones vs First Order or Heroes and Villains vs an army or soldiers :)

-While I won't go into too much detail, I hate the direction they took Iden. It felt like a rehash of the "Force Unleashed" story and countless other Star Wars stories of a redemption character. For once I would like to know what the troops on the "evil" side thought. The empire has all these troops, yet were suppose to believe they are all evil or they are all "just following orders". It would nice if an "evil" character had a genuine good reason for staying with the empire and that feeling was strong enough to stay with them, instead of changing to the "good" side because they now "see the light". It would be nice to have competing ideas from both sides that forced the player to kinda rethink how they viewed each faction.

Anyways thats just my opinion of the game after coming out of the "honeymoon" stage, and just some thing I hope the game will touch on (either in DLC or just EA BF3).


  • I agree maps are linear. Conquest would be amazing or at least not have boundaries 30 ft apart. Tone is also weird with heroes being out of era but no speeder bike/pod racing. No medics, no ammo resupply, nothing cool like that. "We want to separate battlefield from battlefront" is fine except many fans are asking for battlefield-esque gameplay. There's a void. Hopefully they fill it
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