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Should I craft cards from scratch or save my parts for upgrading them?

I was wondering which is better - to craft my preferred star cards from scratch or wait for them to appear in crates eventually and save my parts for actually upgrading them?

I was doing the former until now, but then I realised - the more cards i craft from scratch, the higher the chance of these cards appear as duplicates later on, thus better to save my crafting parts.

What do you think?


  • Craft them because you can get parts later and stating cards are also good (only recharging and effect not damage or efficiency). Never depend on RNG to get the card you want the most. Plus 40 parts for 1 class level you'll need those levels to level those cards anyway.
    What does DX in my name stand for?
  • I am already getting duplicates - and lots of them. I have hardly any cards and not enough to warrant so many duplicates. I am actually holding off spending any credits until they announce the changes to progression.
  • Where can you get parts besides crates and some one-off milestone rewards?
  • Buy hero crates, get parts, craft what you want :)
  • Devilfish wrote: »
    Buy hero crates, get parts, craft what you want :)

    Hero crates while being the cheapest contain hero only cards, right?
  • No, you have at least one guaranteed hero card in a hero crate (up to two), as well as crafting parts, but the others are random. Can be trooper, starfighter, etc.
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