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For those who are having a problem with 'The Defender' multiplayer challenge...

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...the issue where the progress gets stuck at 4 out of 5 maps for winning as the defending team?

I went on yesterday to Ryloth again (had won 5 or 6 times as the Seps, but didn't appear in the career tab), won again, says post round I got it. Usually I would then exit to the career screen only to find the challenge wouldn't progress. Then decided to stay in the lobby as I was at 93/100 hero ship kills. So stayed in for a couple more games, completed this challenge, and noticed now post round the multiplayer milestone was at 24/26. Exited and went to career menu and the defender challenge had finally appeared as completed! My guess is completing the other starfighter challenge forced the game to register that I had completed the defender challenge previously within the same lobby.

Obviously this is still a bug, but might be worth a try if you are wanting to complete the milestones. Try and stay in after winning the map you need and complete any other starfighter challenge. Not saying this is a guaranteed work around but it worked for me. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
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