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Health across basic classes

Even out the health system. No class should have more health than another. I loved battlefront one, but the class system makes the heavies way over powered, 200 health to the specialist 100, or the assault 150. In no way shape or form is this fair to people who like to stick to one class.


  • Sorry, disagree. There are pros and cons to every class and every class plays differently. As mentioned on another thread, there is a reason why specialists have 100 health and why heavies have 200 health. Shouldn't need to explain any further, it's quite obvious.
  • Explain then, as every character should have the same base health.
  • No, they should not. You can't expect a sniper who lays back out of danger covering behind something and shooting from a distance to have the same health as a class who's job is to be in the front line and soak bullets and expose themselves to fire while a class with the same health just sits back and headshots with barely any chances to get return fire.
  • Funny, as a sniper i find that i have to keep moving cause the spawn point relay enemies right next to you more than half the time, and if they are front line then they need to shoot like a sniper as well across map.
  • Vilpire
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    A heavy should have more life because he has to face the enemy bullets directly. He is the meatshield of the squad, it's his job to eat some bullets (he even has a boost-star card that rewards him points for being damaged, further elaborating my point).
    The specialist should have less life, because he is capable of oneshotting enemies out of absurd distances and he also moves faster than anyone else (besides Assault with activated Vanguard). This is an insane strength and has to be compensated by a weakness, which is the lower health.
    Officers don't even wear armor, so I don't think I'm obligated to explain why they shouldn't have the same healthpoints as a heavy.
    Assaults are the jack of all trades. Good at every distance, can heal themselves, is versatile. As they are no master of anything, they get a pretty standard amount of health, not as much as a heavy but not as fragile as a specialist.

    Also, I read in your other thread that you need 3-4 shots to down people. Then you simply have to unlock more powerful guns. The last one you can unlock is the most powerful one, capable of oneshotting people over insane distances, provided you can hit the head. If you hit bodyshots, it twoshots which is still brutally strong, considering the maximum effective range of this weapon.
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  • And at extreme distances i have repeatedly been killed by three shots from a heavy, as witnessed by wife who also tried the specialist and noted the exact same things i was.
  • Aeternum
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    And at extreme distances i have repeatedly been killed by three shots from a heavy, as witnessed by wife who also tried the specialist and noted the exact same things i was.

    Then maybe you need to roll away when someone focus their attention on you? Also I don't get where people are getting the idea that Heavies can consistently kill from huge ranges... perhaps with the last weapon maybe, but most of the weapons have really low damage even though they have a high rate of fire but also have a lot of bolt dispersing (multiple threads complaining about how low the damage on heavy weapons is). Maybe they pop their Sentry ability which makes them really easy targets for other people as they CAN'T sprint or roll but it's a strong ability if they're allowed to keep firing it. But in any case if as a sniper you get focused just roll and move positions, getting killed by a heavy when you're comfortably sitting at your camping spot is a bit on you.
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