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Pre-order bonuses

Me and my brother share the same PlayStation 4, all the games, dlcs and pre-order bonuses we buy are all split and played on every account, even the PS Plus (I can play online, play dlc and use pre-order bonuses like him on his account), but I did not receive the pre-order bonus, although he did. I wonder why I did not receive it? I always receive, but this time I did not receive it. I entered in contact with the EA's support through a online chat and he said:
"I have got this checked with the specialist team and as per the information the bonus content is provided as per the games on the account as there was one game on the account so the bonus content was given for account and the bonus pre order content cannot be received on the sub account it will automatically go to the primary account linked to the game even though there are 2 or more sub account linked to the Same PS4". We both paid and only one enjoy the bonuses? You don't warn anyone and promiss a thing and give other too? It drives me mad and I do! First EA throw up everything about a trash progression system, now that? I paid for it and I won't receive it?
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