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Officer Turret kills seems impossible to get.

Hi there,

Do you have any tips how to get kills with Officer turrets?

There is also an "achivement" called "good luck turret"
You have to get 50 kills with officer turret to receive a Turret Lootcrate.
But it seems it is impossible to achive, since the turret has such a short range and that long of a lockon time, that everyone has an easy job avoiding it and than take it out. It is that bad of an ability that an assault or heavy can even 1v1 you when you have the turret near you and than it gets destroyed.

Is there any good way to get these 50 kills with the turret? I'm playing since early trial and have only 3 kills with it.

(and Yes I tried also to flank the enemy and put the turret behind them. and also to place them in tight corridors into the corner to have a full view of the room. But anyone can just peak and shoot it, or the heavy will simply walk in with the shield.)


  • It is a VERY situational ability, put on corner and prat for bad players to pass by.
  • I haven't found a way to use it effectively either. I landed a few kills but can't really see a great deal on potential for it at its current state. I will very likely swap it for the squad shield today on my next gaming session.
  • im playing officer for about 6hrs or so and have 30+ kills with the turret
    it really depends how good you place it on the field and "ta ta" how good you defend it
  • Not to mention how annoying the amount of times you get the "Cannot deploy here" message.
  • 3 sec to lock the enemy, than fire 5 shots, that's the problem.
  • DarthJ
    6539 posts Member
    I have 18 kills with it so far. Its tough to do though. Best bet as said is place it on corners, ideally where it is harder to be seen. Choke points are good, but before the choke point has developed into a full on battle/stalemate where possible. Corridors that people only really use to sprint through too. Death Star 2 is good for this.
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  • just finished it and got nothing i needed for doing it..i found it works well on small maps..hit them with your primary a few times and hopefully your turrent locks on for the kill..
  • The lock-on delay is far to long; it needs to be reduced to 1s, instead of the 3 or so seconds delay it has currently. Another problem is the range seems way to short, so buff that a bit as well.
  • I rarely place them in direct lines of sight as they seem to get destroyed pretty easily. I place them on flank routes, overlooking and underneath objective points (when possible) and choke points. Sometimes I'll place them directly behind the objective as an alarm for opponents sneaking from behind.
  • To be perfectly honest if you are playing officer with the turret you are doing something wrong....
  • Just keep setting it corridors and eventually someone’s going to be low on health and get caught. I got 7 so far.
  • You have to be sneaky with it. Place it behind groups, place in spots where players can't see it until it's too late, place it on the high ground as players pass by.
  • Well i did unlock it today (after getting the advanced turret on day 1 to test it out anyway - so yay 200 credits i guess) but as mentioned above, you have to be sneaky with it and have a lot of patience, let the turret work while you focus on different things, place it somewhere remote or places you know you're going to flank people with on a mid to long range when objectives change, or place it somewhere hidden near an objective that requires the player to hold the G button to active it. from time to time you will get kills with it, slowly.
  • Part of the problem is that I think its like the Class kills: assists don't count. That means it has to be the turret itself that gets the full kill, without assists from anyone, including you (though I'm guessing at that). I've gotten tons of kills with the turret, but the "Turret Kill" counter barely nudged. I got it eventually, but the fact that you might only get 1-2 during a game is, I believe, because of assists.

    You place a turret where enemies will show up.
    Enemies appear!
    Teammates blast them.
    Turret blasts them... gets the kill.
    Still doesn't count...
  • Officer turret heap of useless metal. I have 3th level (blue) . Nothing change.
    DICE need rerurn back BF15 turret !
  • Abomination713
    11 posts Member
    edited November 2017
    I had 43 turret kills by the time I got the 150 minutes playing the Officer done. I wasn't even trying to get the turret kills. just stand by your turret and shoot anyone that comes by and let your turret get the last shot on them. You want to set up in a open space where the enemy can't just hide instantly. The last 7 kill took me 3 rounds to complete. I did this all on Blast btw.

    Overall they need to decrease the lock on time for turrets by a little bit.
  • Turret kills are easy and an integral part of Officer. I easily have 125+ kills with it. Place it in corridors, doorways to opponent's goals. Then....stand AWAY from it! They will grenade it often.

    I will also go to the side of the turret about 20 yards away 90 degree angle from it. When guys come up to it, I shoot them with a 4 shot burst of the Blurb...

    Easily the best class of the four. Level 39
  • It is a bit underpowered especially compared to the vehicle turret.
  • I'll take the extra 4-6 kills I get with it per battle to add to my 20 gun kills/assists
  • EvazanJr wrote: »
    It is a bit underpowered especially compared to the vehicle turret.

    this....I decided to just forgo it and get the squad shield, would benefit my team mates more
  • I just drop mine anywhere and said good luck lil turret lol but then again did get lucky on 1 of my loot crates and got a blue turret card stood by the lil sucker and ppl couldnt kill it or gave up on it due to the extra hps it got from the card and my standing near it to heal it and got lucky few times someone else was standing next to it healing it.

    got few kills from dropping it close to the emp rockets or the crates some1 runs up waits to grab it by then its shooting them. got some in the clones lab the left side door. another place is good to drop it is the wookie world map there are platforms as well the buildings drop them up high and ppl wont see them until too late as well wont gte shot down so easy.
  • Put it by a door, stun a group of enemies and light em' up with the pistol. When they are weak, self-destruct your turret by holding the deploy button. PROFIT!
    I no longer use this account or anything Battlefront related as of 08/07/2018.
  • Or I'll throw my improved flash grenade and detonate it over the gun when surrounded by bad guys for a double explosion!!
  • Turret is not under powered for anyone who keeps saying it is. Your role as an officer is to support your team, not hide behind a gadget and rely on it to kill people for you.
  • The lock-on delay is far to long; it needs to be reduced to 1s, instead of the 3 or so seconds delay it has currently. Another problem is the range seems way to short, so buff that a bit as well.

    I'd prefer to nerf the challenge than buff the turret
  • N00NIAN
    120 posts Member
    edited November 2017
    Officer was the first class I maxed out. I use the turret as a distraction during 1v1s and 1v2's type situations where even though everyone knows that they should focus me, they instead are spooked by the presence of the turret and it forces a dodge roll or a panic decision. Which gives me time with my pistol to "Doc Holliday" them to death. The smart people will rush pass the turret and focus me which then causes me to detonate kill or to dodge roll escape towards my turret and baits them back into it. This is all under perfect conditions. There are times where it all goes to s**t lol.
  • I’m surprised. During the beta it was perfect. You would get kills. The turret was awesome in Beta. Now it’s useless. You see a turret and don’t care about it. You don’t fear it. They should reduce it’s health but buff its range and damage.
  • Yeah as alarm, o.k. But my question is. How do you get kills with it.
    It takes 3 sec to lock on and shoots only 5 rounds. That's only a half of a regular trooper.
    That achivement is endless grinding only as it seems. :(
  • Took a few hours to get the achievement was easy to do imo. It's all about placing it in high traffic areas. Get players low and let turret finish them if need be
  • Lol you guys are probably just placing it right in the open
  • Vigor wrote: »
    Lol you guys are probably just placing it right in the open

    You can't do that, too obvious. Flank around a group, set it behind them. Flank around to a side, set it up on the highest ground you can.
    Turret: "It's over enemies, I have the high ground!"
  • zLogen wrote: »
    To be perfectly honest if you are playing officer with the turret you are doing something wrong....

    But it is a challenge folks would want to complete. Founder "Where the Game is Winnable."

  • Im making a really really easy tutorial for this challenge, Search for Good Luck Turret Tutorial by DynastyGamingPR on youtube.
  • Idk why people have issues and need a tutorial it was very simple to complete.
  • tankertoad
    5974 posts Member
    edited January 2018
    Old thread. It's been buffed Founder "Where the Game is Winnable."

  • easy tutorial
  • I think the turret is a decent card. The trick is to place it in a sneaky place that covers multiple angles. Don't place it somewhere where 1/2 of its rotation is pointing at a rock or wall etc.. Also place it somewhere that gives it cover from the sides or that is not easy to see.
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