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Death Trooper Being More Vocal

I got Battlefront 2 three days ago and couldn't wait to play as the Death Troopers, my favorite characters. After playing as them I had numerous issues. Many of them are already being discussed in separate topics but I couldn't find a topic related to how vocal they should be.

I found that Death Troopers rarely talk when spawning, almost always talk when throwing a grenade, and sometimes talk when they die. I hope that in the future Death Troopers will talk a whole lot more. They have one of the coolest voices in the game and when they do talk it sounds awesome.

Hopefully in the future Death Troopers will talk as much as other characters in the game. It is a shame that the character with the best voice talks the least. I thought I had heard somewhere that there were 3 minutes of dialogue ready for the Death Troopers, if this is correct, maybe a fix can be implemented rather fast.
"scnjbhsgchjth" - Death Trooper


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