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December CC

Confusing Multiplayer Milestones

I think overall the milestones are great, wish some were more rewarding for their grind but overall doable. But there are just a few that I have no understanding either why they are not unlocking, or might be asking for too much or not great unlocking parameter requirements. Only the first 2 are the bigger issues I noticed.

- Use Yoda's Unleash ability at Maximum Capacity. 250 credits - What does this even mean it seems too vague. I used on a cluster of enemies in the hallway on Theed but got nothing. What are you suppose to do to unlock it?

- Get a Triple Defeat on Enemies with Boba Fett's Rocket Barrage ability. 15 crystals - I swear this one has to be bugged because I got 5 enemies clustered, a rarity to happen, and I used this and killed them all but nothing got rewarded in the end. Not say some might have completed this but I think there is some other parameters that were not stated in the description or it's not triggering the unlock.

- Use Vader's Choke ability on 3 Hero characters at the same time. 25 Crafting - This one isn't a big deal but it's kind of not fun when it requires you have to play a certain game mode to get. You have to play HvV, the chance of you getting this in something like GA is just next to never. You can get it will more ease there but it's just the chaallege restricts you to one game mode to get it in.

- Defeat 5 Enemies with Maul's Spin Attack ability in a round. 15 crystals - even less of a problem but also feels restricted more to HvV, due able in other game modes but most people will just do it in HvV because the difficulty is further up on other game modes.

There also the ones where they say to win on every map as attackers or defender ones. Those I don't think themselves are asking too much but like after what feels like over 40 hours of GA, I have never scene the imperials win on Hoth or Yavin 4, and star fighter there have been a few of those maps too where one side seems to always lose and feel like the attackers are disadvantaged on those maps so getting those has been quiet difficult vs other maps were more balanced. Also which there was a HvV for starships or something because there has been hero camping in game modes like GA, but Starfighter mode is worse. not even 3 to 5 min in match and usually the heroes might as well be locked because even when I finally got enough creds for hero vehicles, probably about ever 7 to 10 times, all the heroes are already being used and they never died the entire match. I waited to see after like the 5th game if they ever died and noticed a trend of people in star fighters don't die enough. It would stay the entire match saying max heroes were in use for the next 10 to 15 min before match ends. so its becoming a problem for people being heroes in starfighters for too long and I think this is because unlock the heroes on foot, the starfighters can regen back there health to 100%/ I think the same effect on foot needs to apply to the star fighters so other people have a chance.


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