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So is there some strategy to beating Hask on the hardest difficulty? His missiles 1 shot, and if he hits you with his blasters for more than half a second you die too, his ship also seems to out turn you incredibly easily. I get that its the hardest difficulty, but I have never managed to do more than maybe a quarter of his health.


  • So I am horrible at using any kind of ship, not my forte, but eventually I was able to get him. I straight up flew to the out of bounds zone where I was able to evade his locked on missles and spun a ton (spinning on lower speeds works better). Then I would turn around and shoot him a bit and return. Once he got close or I felt confident I tried to get behind him at close range. I lowered my speed almost entirely behind him so I could turn quicker. When he was close he had issues shooting at me. While behind him I spam pressed the repair because I was still taking fire from a bunch of different directions. I legit played this level like 25 times and I had issues surviving more than 30 seconds. This is what worked for me and hopefully it works for whoever else has issues.
  • I found moving away from the big ship towards the edge of the map made him stop doing his endless circling you can't keep up with and you had more clear opportunities to fire on him.
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