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EA went overboard with Assault and weak with specialist

I was playing assault again all day today after playing specialist yesterday and man is there a difference! It's like Assault is EA's golden child and specialist is their red-headed step child.
Assault's weapons all have high overall stats. Their snipers have higher stats than the specialist's rifles. Also the Assault's A280 comes with 3-burst fire, whereas the specialist needs to use an upgrade slot to get this, which means Assaults can use both upgrade slots to increase the stats of the gun further (cooling and range I believe it is) giving it even further advantage. I think the assault A280 should be a single shot as well
Vanguard deteriorates at a medium to slow rate and is an easy one-hit-kill. Maybe it needs a slight decrease in the active time but not a ton. However it is miles ahead of infiltration, which runs out of time very fast (i've been running with the replenishing card too but it just cant do enough recharge), each shot takes a ton of time off the clock as well, and you can't OHK with it unless you are at point blank and aiming at the head.
All this is in addition to assault having the normal 150 hp and specialist extremely squishy 100hp.
Assault also has the standard grenade, which of course works well whereas specialist's shock grenade is useless. It slows people down who don't decide to dodge roll out of the electric field. It doesn't even stun anymore.
Officer and Heavy seem, imo, to be in a good place, but are still much stronger than the specialist, really because of the health difference.
I don't see a point in playing the specialist when assault has more powerful sniper rifles, all its cards are useful, and it has 150hp. What is the downside? I think EA needs to slightly tweak these.
Also keep in mind that all of the specialist's starting abilities as well as their unique boost card were ALL nerfed from beta. All of it was over the top (infiltration) or unnecessary (all the others).
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