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LEVELLING UP?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?

Is anyone else having problems levelling up with certain elements pf the game? I quickly level up with my heavy storm trooper but have been on level 7 with my bomber for 2 days now. Im not the best player but certainly not the worst and i look to get 4000 points in each game....its becoming really frustrating as using it does not look to have any benefit at the moment.


  • As far as I can tell your class level is directly related to how many star cards you have. If you have 5 common cards you are level 5. If you have 5 uncommon your are level 10 and so forth.
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    As ThomasMarik said, the CLASS levelling system isn't down to how much you play, it's purely down to the collection of cards you have, and what level they are.

    The better the cards you have, the higher you are in level. So, essentially you level at random as you open crates and craft bits. Another bewildering decision from DICE/EA, I'd say.

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  • yes, count the pips on your cards...each represents a 'level' I think. so 5 lvl 1 cards = level 5...
  • think what he is saying is that he plays and you get no progression on the charater even if you do good. IE I have had a bug last day or two where I play and I get no experience in the ie eavy catagory but my account levels up.
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