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Unbalanced Multiplayer

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edited November 2017
Something needs to be done to balance strength and skill of players. I have taken 4 of the 5 titles after a match twice since the game came out, so I know I am not just a crap player.

Recently, I have noticed that some matches seem to have all they sweaty players all on one team for multiple matches in a row. Yes, not everyone will have a good match everytime, but when one team is running 30+ kills for their top 10 players and the other team can't even get double digits...... something doesn't add up. And it keeps those sweaty players on the same team, even when the map changes.

Of course none of that even touches on the matches 20 vs 15 repetitively despite map changes.

I hate to say it, but maybe it is far past the time to balance the multiplayer, either based of performance EACH MAP or EACH MATCH.

Also, Why is it that I randomly get dropped on defense on a map for one match, a different map the next match, and a third map the 3rd match. I only get to play the crap side and don't get a second match on the other side ON THE SAME MAP for my next round.

The often overwelming "putting all the sweaties on one team," has me at a point where I wish I had never preordered this game. Of course, having never recieved my Epic Yoda Lightsaber Mastery card for pre-ordering kinda ***** me off also.
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