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Felucia Transmission
No Match for a Good Blaster

This game should not have been released

In the current state, this game should not have been released. It feels more like an early alpha than a finished, supposed "AAA title".

Let's jump right in - starting with the pro's:

Set in the Star Wars Universe, so pretty fun because of that.
Graphics are great and it runs smooth.
The heroes have cool abilities, but overall, aren't worth the points. With a half-decent team, a hero is useless against you.

The cons though, far outweigh the pro's, see here:

1. Matchmaking is non-existent. It throws you into a match, regardless of rank or skill on each respective team (I've just had a game where I had 23 kills and the guy below me had 10.)
2. Some abilities are too powerful, specifically vanguard and infiltration. For having such a short cooldown, they are extremely powerful, being able to one shot at range.
3. Heroes are trash. Considering how powerful the heroes are in canon, they are feeble and weak in this game. I just had a game where I killed Kyle Ren 1vs1 as an Officer. Heroes should be feared, not shot in the feet until they die. The fact that you can lose half of your health to two half-decent players as Vader is quite laughable. I believe this is because the lunge motion is too slow and clunky to recover.
4. Headshots do a varied amount of damage, depending on the weapon. Four headshots from a blaster should be more than enough to kill / incapacitate a normal troop. However, there are guns that will one-shot you, regardless of distance (Han Solo's pistol and a few of the specialist rifles.) I'm not saying they need a nerf, but perhaps headshot damage should far outweigh the damage of being shot in the legs. Currently, it doesn't really give any benefit for aiming at someone's head when in a firefight, other than when peeking.
5. The lag and servers are ridiculous. It's just taken me 30 minutes of constant 'Error Code - 327's in order to eventually find a match.
6. Map design is quite poor. There are too many obstacles on the ground which can prevent rolling or moving. I've been stuck countless times on Kashykk, between terrain.
7. Following on, Kashykk is a lag-fest. Even more-so than the rest.
8. There's only really two, maybe three well-designed maps. The rest are all chokeholds which result in very stale gameplay (No tactics will help here).

This post is mostly for my own benefit, to which I will be adding more pro's and con's when I come across them.


  • If they had not done the lot crate system right off the bat and made game so grindy, I don't think it would have gotten the bad rep it did.
  • I like this post, agreed on all of it. A headshot should be headshot FFS, end of story. I was a heavy once and pounded a rocket trooper directly in the head before he had the chance to shoot at me and bam one uncontrolled burst of fire from him to the knee caps and i'm dead. The hitbox consistency, oh hang on, what consistency, is ridiculous in this game.
  • Heroes are fine. Unless you shocked him then did 750 of headshot damage before the stun wore off, that Kylo sucked. He's got block, freeze, pull, and a dash to rapid strike. Heroe's require a lot more thought than they did in the last game, especially since they show up on the radar as a big blip. But they are fine. Six of them can last longer than the max heath mechanic can allow too.

    I've only had a rough matchmaking experience since the update, then that's primarily in GA. Don't expect it to last.

    Disagree with the OP ness of Infultration and Vanguard, but I don't think I can change your mind there.

    I'm okayish with most the maps. Your right that several parts are just a series of chokeholds, but that changes in blast, and gets worse in strike.
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