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Forest of Endor

Respawn system is very very very very very very very awful and a pure joke

So whoever designed the respawn system in this game at DICE, should get some assosiate position first and only after years of experience only get a task like this.

2 major issues in the game.

- In Blast, the respawn system is totally ruining the game. It seem, you will not respawn in a position where enemy players are not close to you. The game is picking a specific location for every predefined time period. E.g. rotating the spawnpoint every 1 minute.
Why is this a PROBLEM? Because I got many times spawned directly in the back of an enemy squad whi just spawned before me, so I could shoot all 4 in the back. OR if I respawned, and didn't run as far as possible instantly, enemy players spawned behind me and shot me in the back. That's the worst system I ewer saw in a MP game.

- On galactic assault: Who the hell thought that respawning the players with switching between 2 sides of the map constantly would be a good idea?

If there are 2-3 objectives on the map (left/right/middle), you as a player want to decide which direction you want to go. If I want to play the objective on the right, and already started to play that way, don't overwrite my intention at respawn and throw me on the other side of the map. That's why old MP games had a respawn system where you could decide where to respawn! So if you guys could bring back that system, that would be GREAT
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