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New Loot Box: consumables

I would love to see a new loot box. In-match consumables. What types would you like?
granted, I do not want these consumables to be available with real money loot box purchases. So assume they will not. (this is save some pitfalls in the discussion.)

I want to see consumable battle points. Points that can be used to boost your points available, but will not boost your game score. (like points you get from 2x.)

I also want to see a consumable that gives instant 2x score boost, or a good chunk.

what ideas do you have?


  • Since we already have a battlepoints booster starcard, I think it may be a bit OP to have a BP booster (if only one can be used at a time that would be okay imo).

    I do like the idea of an XP booster, to rank up a little faster here and there (like in Battlefield4). A score booster would be cool, but not until they've sorted out the current scoring system.
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