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Loot crate with every level up!?

Yeah I know how EA tried to milk us with this game.

However I can´t believe that they couldn´t let us have a loot crate after every level up (Like in Overwatch).

Am I asking for much? I don´t think so. I mean the progession in this game is a joke already . smh

Plus daily loot crate is a joke. 75 credits and 5 crafting points...

EA and Dice better work out something quick because at this rate the game is goning to be The Division 2.0


  • Nothing will be as disappointing and insulting as the division..well maybe destiny (they said it will have 10 years of content then destiny 2 drops 2 years later lol)

    I've never seen a game with level ups that give nothing. At least a loot box would make sense. And every 10 levels make a uncommon/rare seriously..I'm on level 28 and it means nothing cause I got nothing for any level and I won't get anything with my higher levels..u less your hiding that.. which still..why..
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