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Daily Reward System Ideas

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edited November 2017
If the guys at EA/Dice are not removing the current loot crates / progression system they might as well try that little bit more in revamping the reward system and honestly need to take note of the mobile market since that's how the game literally presents itself in far to many ways than one.

In most grinding F2P games be it sci-fi / fantasy or whatever players are usually presented in a reward system that chains better rewards based on how often you log in a week/month. If you think people will log in and bank rewards over a period of time then so be it, you guys choose this progression system so you might as well deal with that fact that is what some people will do be it mobile or console or pc.

If you don't like that then rework the entire system like any of your previous AAA class shooters like Bad Company 2 / BF3/4 etc...

An example of a reward system to match the current trend of mobile log in rewards system could be presented as per below. You might as well make it sexy too when a player logs in to make them feel good about doing so. And on the subject have a new window pop up with weekly or daily rewards to playing. Give players motivation to play!!! Oh and after a Multiplayer battle for heaven sake can you make a rewards screen thats a little more inspiring? Its a page of white text and a small amount of credits lol. The you have to click on the tabs to see if you got more rewards from completing the tiny reward system for multi player.

Weekly/Monthly reward system example:

For example:

Day 1 log in - 500 credits
Day 2 log in - 100 Crafting parts
Day 3 log in - 750 credits
Day 4 log in - 150 Crafting parts
Day 5 log in - Random hero Ability Card
Day 6 log in - Random Vehicle Ability Card
Day 7 log in - Weekly crate ( Contains a level 2-4 card in any class/vehicle/hero, also contains crafting parts and credits )

Day 8 log in - 650 Credits
Day 9 log in - 140 Crafting parts
Day 10 log in - 900 Credits
Day 11 log in - 200 Crafting parts
Day 12 log in - Random Troop ability card
Day 13 log in - Random starfighter ability card
Day 14 log in - Weekly create ( Contains a level 2-4 card in any class/vehicle/hero, also contains crafting parts and credits )

Day 15 log in - 800 credits
Day 16 log in - 180 crafting parts
Day 17 log in - 1000 credits
Day 18 log in - 240 crafting parts
Day 19 log in - Random hero ability card
Day 20 Log in - Random Vehicle Ability Card
Day 21 log in - Weekly create ( Contains a level 2-4 card in any class/vehicle/hero, also contains crafting parts and credits )

Day 22 log in - 1000 credits
Day 23 login - 220 crafting parts
Day 24 login - 2000 credits
Day 25 log in - Hero 2-4 Star Crate
Day 26 log in - Trooper 2-4 Crate
Day 27 log in - Vehicle 2-4 star crate
Day 28 log in - 3x Epic crates (5 items per crate, with the chance of Triple credits/crafting parts/ High % chance of Epic cards, Duplicated cards offer 2x credit value, all cards can be obtained from these epic crates)

Rinse and repeat.

Get rid of the Crystals you don't need them if this was implemented. Plus we wont want to see Microtransactions in this game or any AAA game ever again. But this system is a quick solution not to change the progression system entirely but to ensure daily log ins and happy customers whom forked out $$$ to play this game but are currently starved for progression in a fully decked out game thats heavily restricted because of the current model.

I'm at around 30-40 hours of game time and have pretty much got nothing out of the loot crates. Plenty of duplicates and not much else. But i have to play about 8-12 multi player games to open another useless crate. I can tell you now even at 100-200 hours i wont be much further then i am now in terms of progression by the time anyone hits 200 hours no one will want to play anymore.

Providing 5 crafting parts and 125 credits is not really giving anything away. Its just hey here ya go thanks for logging in here is your pennies.

in a 7 day login thats only:

35 crafting parts or 140 per month
875 credits or 3500 credits per month - you can't even buy 1 crate for the trooper class per month.

If this is the way its going to stay here on out at this rate the PC version will die very quickly with no incentive to log in. Much like those cheap mobile games that offer more for less. Playing 20+ hours just to open what 10 crates and get given nothing is not really a way to play a game like this especially star wars shooter game.

I think you guys can do a lot better then what was presented to a huge gaming and star wars audience of 2017. Time to let the mircrotranactions go me thinks.

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