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End of matches

Idk about everyone but i feel only one name needs to be picked to give others a chance at being on the end screen of the match not taken anything away from a good player just seeing 1 guy getting mvp most kills most points most assists most cream pies in the face really ??
Ok not the last one but may as well be in there.
But i think it is unfair to some other good players out there .
Like how our side won at the end the mvp was on the lossing side like it doesn't matter their team lost yet he gets on the end screen ?
Look EA should try to make it fair to all winning side and maybe a lossing side if your going to throw up a player who was on the lossing side why not have 10 spots open 5 for winning side n 5 for lossing side and pick only 1 name idc if the mvp was picked once but to give him most kills too nah let some one else on the winning side have most kills.
I just think it is dumb for EA to go this way star wars was ment to be fun not a **** contest to bragg sorta it just seems unfair that a player on the lossing side gets put into the end match like mvp when they clearly lost and for 1 player to get their name on everything it just makes me lose interest in playing and it starts feeling like a call of duty game .
Star wars is not in any way comparable to Call of Duty but sure starting to feel like that's what i am playing
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