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All Game Modes Should be in the Arcade Mode

I was very disappointed when I realized you can't get all of the game modes in the Arcade. You don't have fighter assault, strike, or even all of the maps available in offline mode. Let me explain something to you. There are those of us, such as myself who really love those modes, but aren't very good gamers compared to the rest of the gamer community out there. I for one don't really enjoy playing online very much because I just get my butt kicked all day long by people who have much more time than I do to develop their skills and unlock perks. It's not much fun, especially considering there seems to be no attempt made by EA to balance teams or match players with people of a similar rank at all on their servers. It was the same with the last game. I was excited that this game had the Arcade mode, but then disappointed when I bought the game and realized how little content there was in the Arcade mode. I wish you would at least add fighter assault to the Arcade.
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