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10+ Mins for a GA Match? Game Death Already?

In the past 72 hours I have had to sit more than 10 mins waiting for a queue to fill. How can this happen?

How can it be the queue slots are not filling, as quickly as they appear?

I'm rather lost on why it is taking me 3 attempts to get a game thus far, and the game is brand new.

Knowledge protects.
Ignorance endangers.


  • I encountered this today as well, I just stopped trying. I don't think it is game death, but I'm curious about it as well.
    - GodKC

    If you're looking for a teammate for HvV or GA, send me an invite online.

    XBOX Gamertag: GodKC
  • OnderonRebel
    1 posts Member
    edited November 2017
    I cant connect to any servers either. Do they not have enough servers. Mostly error 1066. Makes no sense. After repeated attempts I get on a server by myself. wth. Over thanksgiving all the servers went to LAG central and had constant rubber banding. Now this. Very frustrating.
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  • What platform are you playing?

    PS4 has a massive community.
  • PC Master Race.
    Knowledge protects.
    Ignorance endangers.
  • I'm sure many players, like me, have stopped trying to play until they fix the lag issues.
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