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General multiplayer review/comparison of BF2 with Battlefront 1(BF1)

I wanted to throw together something, now that I have played the game for a while, on all modes and all maps on a PS4.

I don't know if anyone else feels this way but the 1st and 3rd person view seems to make everything, well, smaller in BF2 than when playing on BF1. The units seem smaller, the hit boxes seem smaller, it is like everything in front of me has been downsized by 15-20% or so. Another player may be 30m away and it seems like 50. I play on a 70 inch screen in 3rd person and things just feel smaller, almost like I am further away over the shoulder of my avatar. I do not experience much of a change when switching to 1st person. Anyone else feel this way?
The maps are way bigger, especially the galactic conquest maps and in some( well all 3) of the smaller game mode maps. Which is a nice feature but requires a lot of running, may be due to the spawn zone getting further back as the objective in the stage moves in galactic assault.
None of us are a fan of the spawn system, I am not going to stay with someone I spawn with if I don't know them. especially if we are different classes in game. How am I supposed to stay with a player if they spawn as a LAAT? The delay in spawning in has to be less than 10 seconds, there is no reason to sit there for that long.
Not a fan of the group system either but that I can probably get used to, I am accustomed to making groups outside of games and then starting them, not adding friends in the/a "social hub". Probably will take some time as I said. Not being able to chat during loads is a bit of a negative for me and my friends. I like that we can add up to 20 players on a playing group. We are often multiple parties of 5 or more, although having more than eight people chatting is a bit, uuhh, chaotic, at times.
The maps are very pretty, a lot of nice graphics.
The lag is really bad, a lot more and often than it should be for a brand new game. Same error almost every time I quit a game. "lost connection to ea server". 327 I think, but other errors as well, which have been reported.
My group experiences lag all at the same time, it is not just one person getting into a lag situation. Usually on Galactic Assault maps but not always just that game mode. I feel explosions and drastic terrain effects ( physics engine?) may be doing this.
Can not say I am a fan of the class system. I like that one can completely change the cards while respawning, however I prefer to make and fight as a soldier that I choose to be, that I can customize to my style, the map and objective. Much prefer the BF1 system here, there were many different types of weapons to choose from and one could choose a close combat weapon or a cycler rifle, grenade, gas, jetpack, sniper etc. The current system is too restrictive in that regard, what if I want a stinger pistol and a shock grenade?
Vanguard needs the soldier speed nerfed. One shot kill is fine, like a scatter gun in BF1, vanguard does not last long but the player should not get a speed boost to chase me as I run away. Let it give the player a 25% health increase or something like that.
Animation between weapon/card swaps could be reduced. Placing a turret down takes a very long time.
There does not seem to be any real variation of weapons in classes until a modifier is added, even then it does not make a great difference, except the reduced recoil, which is necessary no matter which weapon one chooses in those classes that have it. The blurg is a bit overpowered, well, it needs to have a bigger dropoff. A specialist 50-60m away should not be picked off with a blurg. Which I have done many times.
What is the point of having ion shot on ALL the time as a weapon modifier? In which mode is that an advantage and in which mode can you switch to it fast enough to make a difference? How about a way to turn it on and off.
Specialist is a weak class. Not because it is a sniping class but the card abilities are not though out right. The class is supposed to be a sneaky flanker not just a sniper. I would rather not show up on general radar while running than when firing my weapon as a specialist.
I like the star fighter assault, big improvement in flying in space. Many kudos.
I am not a fan of the battle points to get heroes as it stands, I feel that only the best shooters get them, not those playing the objectives in galactic and star fighter assault. Objectives should get a bump in points here.
There should not be jump troopers or wookies( or evil equivalent ) in blast, i believe it defeats the purpose.
I do not feel there is enough variation in available game modes. BF1 brought many different types of game modes through DLC, since there is no DLC I am assuming the only thing being added will be maps, characters, maybe weapons, star cards and skins. Glad to be wrong but we have not heard anything.
Game modes in BF1( not flying): Droid run, extraction, drop pod, walker assault, infiltration, sabotage, heroes v villains, cargo, blast, battle station, supremacy, turning point and hero hunt. Some of which were short sub 12 minute games and these occur across multiple maps as well. In BF2(not flying): Blast, Galactic Assault, Hero v Villain, Strike. Not a lot of variation in game play, it is mostly claim/destroy the objective or carry the objective(strike). I feel galactic Assault is trying to be everything, walker assault, turning point and a bit of supremacy. There is nothing like droid run, drop pod or cargo in BF2. There is not a lot of back and forth either, like conquest in Battlefield 1, or supremacy in BF1.
The small map BF1 games modes were fun, short and often very objective based. These BF2 small map modes seem to take longer than the BF1 modes, mostly because we are playing the SAME THING 2 or 3 times. Although I would bet the two games are similar in regards to time in a single match.
As it stands right now I feel that I have exhausted some of the play-ability of the game. It does not seem to be a big difference, or not a big enough difference, when changing between Galactic Assault and Strike. Just the size of the map and the number of players. Maybe it has to do with using the same maps for these modes.
My thoughts.


  • I feel that infiltration is inferior to vanguard atm, for a speed-based close-quarter option.

    Also one big change compared to BF1 is the heavy class. It was a missile launcher (or AT) infantry, which was replaced with anti infantry support weapons. Personally i would have kept the AT heavy instead of making that change. Add their shield ability and the meta is really different. The real anti-infantry guy was the assault (as it should have been this time too).

    Back then, the scout/specialist was perhaps a bit too strong, but as it is right now, i am not sure there's any real reason to play it apart from flavor value.
  • The heavy could still be an anti tank type of player with the right card load out. But as I said the cards are a bit restrictive.
    Having a heavy be anti vehicle would be great, that would really cut down on some of the strafing on both and star killer.
    The specialist could also be a stronger anti vehicle unit as well as a sniper. Might make sense even. Once again cards are key here.
    Forgot to mention that I really dislike the fallback timer and out of bounds changes that occur in galactic assault. I see multiple deaths every time this happens. The run can be very far and a lot of players don’t make it or are killed because they have to turn around and run in a straight line. Really bad if one has just become a hero.
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