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Not all miss trophy/achievement help?

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edited November 2017
Hello fellow batylefrontians, how are you all enjoying the game?
I am loving it so far, and I plan to 100% the game trophy wise. I am at 69% already!

However, this accursed Not All Miss trophy is making me pull my hair out.
If lucky, I can kill 2 people at max before I get shot and die.
I managed to pull it off once in a lucky galactic assault match but never since.
I have the Killstreak Vanguard and Toughen Up card equiped to increase my chances but still no succes.

Does anyone have any tips on getting this trophy/achievement?

Thanks :)


  • Flank them or even go completely behind. Don't run forward to the choke point/objectif, instead take a longer route, go around the point, attack them from behind/flank pretty easy to do ;)
  • Yeah the best thing you can do is come from behind or to flank them.
    Only achievements I'm gonna need a while to unlock are "The Force is Strong With This One" (Reach Rank 50, I'm 32 currently) and "Multi-tasking" (Defeat 25 Hero ships with Fighter ships, I got 7).
    I would also like to unlock all milestones (I'm at 63% currently).
  • Got another streak just now during a match of blast on the death star using your tips :)
    Once I know the popular spots where people like to hang out I will have a decent chance of getting it! Thanks guys
  • I got the trophy just now! My personal recomendation are blast matches, specificly on the naboo heed palace map and kamino
    Happy hunting!
  • Finally got the trophy today also platinum. Got 1 out of 5 ages ago, but stopped as it's so rage inducing. After getting the rank 50 trophy last weekend, I thought I'd give it another go. Went on extraction and got 2 and 3 out of 5 within 15 minutes. Stopped to watch England vrs Panama, then got 4 and 5 within minutes. Extraction is so easy to flank
  • I need help. I don't understand how it is possible for me to be killed by lower level characters at level 70. how can I make the trophy not all miss if anyone always kills me
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