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Hackers, POV Auto target, afk bots.

Hackers, POV Auto target, afk bots.
It has started. (Don't ask me to provide evidence. That's not my job. It's there. Many of us have noticed it. EA will know.)

Once the hacking starts the experience is ruined because now you can't be sure if that player is good or hacking. Doubt creeps into the community and the game dies.

EA needs to move on hacking to show they are doing something or start handing out refunds for a broken game.


  • Yep, so far today I have seen 3 exploiters, a few afk credit farmers.
  • ThomasMarik
    49 posts Member
    edited November 2017
    Just tried playing a game of Heroes vs villains. 3 of the heroes and 2 of the villains were bots. a third villain quit the match leavin it 1v1 Me as palpatine vs stunlock Rey.

    We tried dueling a bit but it wasn't much fun.

    EDIT: To be clear I'm not bashing the Rey player either. He/she tried to make a good go of it despite the circumstances. I'm just not sure Palpatine is well designed to go up against any saber hero. Especially one that can disable all his powers from range. Some Sith lord...falling for the jedi mind trick to an untrained force sensitive girl.
  • alunguy
    582 posts Member
    edited November 2017
    I posted a video from youtube in another thread of someone advertising their aimbot for sale but i got removed by the mods. If anyone needs proof that people are cheating just google ''battlefront 2 aimbot video.''
    I hope EA do something about this soon because it's ruining the game for the people who want to play fairly.
  • There is a hacker in EVERY game I played like 70 kills and time to chat a lot.
  • DanSilver
    35 posts Member
    edited November 2017
    And i wonder why DICE don't uses punkbuster on theses games of Star Wars: Battlefront I & II just like they did on Battlefield franchise !?!
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  • CHeating ruin a game, i switch to PS4 version tomorrow... PC verison is die.
  • too mutch credit farmer now, an da experience on this game will regress, yesterday on 10 game Heroes Vs Heroes, i get 6 game with one credit farmer, and after you lost of course you are 3 VS 4 in reality.. Please EA do something.
  • You got Cheater / Hacker on EVERY PC Game because it's to easy to cheat. That's why i'm a console player for many years.
  • If you have any suspicious players to report, see this page here and submit as much proof as possible: .

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