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Hero Health

In arcade, there’s an option to have double your normal health. Something I found interesting was that, almost all the heroes have more health than they did in the last game. Here’s some examples.

Vader BF2015- 1650
Vader BF2017- 1800

Luke BF2015- 1100
Luke BF2017- 1400

Han BF2015- 1000
Han BF2017- 1200

Boba has the same amount of health- 1000

Leia BF2015- 1050
Leia BF2017- 1300

Palpatine BF2015- 1200
Palpatine BF2017- 1300

Chewie BF2015- 1500
Chewie BF2017- 1300

Bossk BF2015- 1000
Bossk BF2017- 1200

Lando BF215- 1000
Lando BF2017- 1300

This is just something I found interesting.


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