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Command option for players

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Since not a lot of people are connected via mic i think there should be a command option whilst your playing where you can report something to member of your team who are in close proximity of you and the objetive your trying to obtain for example “attack on left entrance” if your objetives indoors or “need reinforcements on ....” or even the simple “follow me” “cover me” “stop” “move out”

I know there are emotes and the voice overs tell us where we re needed but this will give players a better wat to communicate because sometimes youll find a way to cover ground that no other players are noticing and the position could mean the win for your team so instead of hoping by chance players realise this and come together they should be allowed simple communication whether the othe rplayer listens or not thats up to then but at least theres a flexibility to team play

Also maybe add a recharge for each command incase player spam the commands and ur could confuse players


  • Would be nice if it's even possible. I was playing earlier today in a 10v10, we had 12 re-enforcements left, the opposition had 20 and we had control of a choke point, which was bringing the enemy score down fast.

    Staying there would have made it possible for a win, but instead I turn around and everyone had disappeared. A "HOLD THIS POSITION" would have helped greatly.

    Then again, with no incentive for winning, I don't think anyone even cared :)
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  • Tbf you get players who actually go after the objective and some are just trying to get their kills up but thats why command options would be great
  • Mosey
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    edited November 2017
    I don't think it would make a difference since objectives are literally pointless wastes of time. They fool you into thinking it's not deathmatch, when in reality you're really playing deathmatch.

    You ever wonder why no one plays the objectives? It's because the objectives don't matter. Everyone is fighting in starfighters above the battlefield over who gets to farm the NPC's for the big points.

    TL;DR The game needs a major overhaul, and this is just one symptom of the overall failure.
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